Buttons, Memories, and Treasures Almost Lost . . .


Welcome to my website! I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Elizabeth Jennings, professional dabbler.  I’m the author of The Button Collector, a novel in stories, as well as a smattering of published short fiction and various other works-in-progress.  I also write feature stories for local publications and provide marketing material for an awesome technology company named Equilibar.

Please look around to learn more about my book, read a few of my stories, and consider random, esoteric musings about words, philosophies, and other dangerous ideas.

Email:   ej@elizabethjennings.com


Praise for The Button Collector


“… a lovely, shifting kaleidoscope of Southern mores and domestic lives.”  Susan Vreeland, author of the New York Times Best Sellers Girl in Hyacinth Blue and The Passion of Artemisia.

Beautifully written and deeply moving.”  Ann B. Ross, author of the beloved Miss Julia series of Southern humor  books.

“This book illuminates the simple magic of memory and family and the depths to which those quiet moments haunt us and lift us up.”  Amy Willoughby-Burle, author of  The Lemonade Year and Out Across the Nowhere.


 The Button Collector, a debut novel by Elizabeth Jennings, explores how the smallest things in life can sometimes hold the deepest meaning.

When Caroline Tilghman opens her mother’s jar of discarded buttons, she also releases old memories.   Sorting through the bits and pieces of her past, she learns to find patterns, mend what’s torn, and ultimately connect the things she needs to make her life whole.

Purchase Links

The Button Collector is available from Amazon paperback  , Kindle  and at select bookstores.  You may also purchase a signed copy of the book bundled with a vintage button bookmark–just contact me via email.

Outside the US, The Button Collector is available on many Amazon sites including Amazon UK, and Amazon Canada .


Other Places to Hang Out with Me

In the land of social media, I’ve carved out a few distinct niches.  On twitter, I tend to post things related to writing and writers–favorite quotes or interesting articles and other nuggets I come across.  On Pinterest, I have a board called The Button Collector, which is dedicated to button art, craft, history, etc.  On goodreads, I participate primarily as a reader, sharing what I’m reading at the moment as well as my reviews–my shelves include cross-cultural books, speculative fiction, frame tales, quiet novels, and, surprisingly, non-fiction, which I’ve been reading more lately.  My book page on Facebook includes a little bit of all of the above, plus funny cat pictures and other items I can’t resist!






10 Responses to Buttons, Memories, and Treasures Almost Lost . . .

  1. bookdiva says:

    I know you must be so anxious and excited!

  2. George says:

    i found a button with my metal detector its white with the letters NO does it mean anything

  3. bookdiva says:

    Thanks for the visit, Elizabeth.

  4. A very nice and informative site.

  5. carolkean says:

    What a great premise! I rarely read women’s fiction or watch chick flicks, but you got me with the buttons. I’m obsessed with them but hadn’t thought about them in as many ways as you do, or with such clever and insightful lines. My Kindle Notes page is crammed full of quotable quotes. I want to buy copies of this book for mom, daughter, friends and relatives. Something so small, so commonplace and so functional can have so much meaning. I love it!!

  6. Hi Elizabeth! I just finished reading The Button Collector, I enjoyed it very much. I also have a button collection, handed down from my grandmother and mother. I remember playing with them when I was a child, I made many beautiful necklaces, etc. I hadn’t really paid much attention to them for years. Well, I will now pour them out and see how many memories they bring back. Then, I will find a pretty jar and sit it out where I can enjoy looking at my buttons every day. Thank you for a beautiful reading experience! Sherry

    • Thank you so much, Sherry! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. There are so many people who relate to the experience of playing with family buttons! I appreciate your commenting.

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