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I am a strong believer in the power of Story.  Stories surround us and make us who we are.  Sometimes they are big and dramatic, but more often they are not.  Usually, our most important stories are found in the day-to-day pieces of our lives–moments and details at risk of slipping away unnoticed.

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I find writing stories to be an introspective exercise very close to meditation.  It can even, at times, achieve a nearly mystical quality when a connection between writer and reader is forged.  I know I experience a quite tangible and strong bond with writers who have struck a chord in my being, whether their work is published or unpublished, whether they wrote centuries ago or last week, whether they live on the other side of the world  or next door.

Below are links to a few of my stories and columns.  I hope you’ll find in them something of your own.

Short Stories:

The Snake Handlers’ Orphan originally published in Apalachee Review No. 49, Spring 2001

“…speaks with a voice both alien and familiar–illuminating the potential for glory, and horror, in an absolute faith in something beyond this world.  The tale raises questions about truth and illusion that challenge preconceptions, just as the narrator struggles with his fear and desire of the eternity represented by a rattler’s coils.”  Joe Clark in the Tallahassee Democrat, May 27, 2001.


In the Chambers of the Sea originally published in Prime Number Magazine Issue 31, January-March 2013, and later in the Editors’ Selections anthology for 2013, available here.

In a dimly lit pub, two professors try to draw the line between fact and fiction.  Or do they?


Within the Glass, semi-finalist 2011 NC State Fiction Contest

In the early 1900s, conservatory glass panes were not always clear.  Sometimes, a person looking through them might see someone looking back.


Robbie Forrest and the Wagon from Little Oklawaha, originally published in  Ladybug, a Magazine for Children, April 2004


( available through most libraries’ ebsco host access service for members)

During a stream clean-up, a young boy finds a rusty wagon perfect for recycling.



Columns & Feature Stories

The Science of Gratitude, November 2013, Hendersonville Times-News

Hands-On Caring, Ladybug Parent’s Companion, 2004

That First Day of School, http://www.blueridgenow.com/article/20010821/NEWS/108210318?p=1&tc=pg  Hendersonville Times-News 2001

An Open Letter to FEMA,       http://www.blueridgenow.com/article/20010515/NEWS/105150340   Hendersonville Times-News 2001

In the Atlanta Airport   Hendersonville Times-News 2001