Button Flash 3: Afternoon Tea

Here’s the third entry in Flash Fiction, Button Style:  250 words written in one hour.  Thanks to Elaine T. for the sweet button photo!

Afternoon Tea

The girls ran into the parlor, swishing skirts, twirling ribbons.

“Beautiful!” they exclaimed as if on cue.  They picked up tea cups, played with sugar cubes, smelled roses.

In the corner, Adelaide suppressed a humph.  “I can’t believe you’re using china for children,” she whispered to Marie.  “Inappropriate.”

Marie didn’t say anything.

“In my day,” Adelaide continued, “tea was serious—not a children’s party.”tea button

The girls discovered a chest filled with hats, boas, gloves, jewelry.  “Look at this,” one of them laughed, grabbing an old fox stole.  “Aaack!”  another girl screamed, running across the room.

“Girls . . . settle down please,” a mom said above the din.  “That’s not how ladies act.”

“Humph!”  Adelaide could no longer hold it in.  “Ladies?  Look at those moms.  Wearing jeans to tea!”

Marie rolled her eyes but remained quiet.

“Look at me!”  The tallest girl had put on cat glasses, pillbox hat, silk scarf and pink elbow length gloves.

“That’s cute, Alex,” another mom said.  “Looks like Jackie O.”

Adelaide was fuming.  “She’s nothing like Jackie O and what kind of name is Alex?”

Finally Marie broke her silence.  “Girls, we’ll start tea in a few minutes–but how’d you like to play with this real Victorian china doll?”

She grabbed Adelaide and held her out toward the birthday girl — Alex.

“Awwww….” The girls said in unison, reaching for Adelaide with grubby hands.  “Look at that lace!  Look at those buttons!”

“Yes,” Marie said with a grin.  “She’s lovely, isn’t she?”


Do you have a button with a story waiting to be told?  Email an image of it to: ej@elizabethjennings.com.  For more information click on this link:  https://elizabethjennings.com/2013/01/10/flash-fiction-button-style/

About Elizabeth Jennings

I am an author living in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My first book, The Button Collector, was released May 6, 2013, by PageSpring Publishing.
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