And Now…The Big Things

When I sign a book, my usual inscription is this:  Always notice the little things in life.”

But sometimes big things need attention, too.  So I’m just going to throw my ZEN out the window for a few weeks.  I’m  going out of my comfort zone and into the political zone.  20150208_132127

I understand doing this probably won’t matter because who cares how I vote?   That’s why normally I don’t write about politics, but these aren’t normal times.  I know there are lots of other people out there who share my perspective.  Maybe if we stop being quiet, somebody somewhere will pay attention.

Mainly, though, I just need to be able to look back and say I was not a silent bystander–I did what I could do.  And one thing I can do is write.

So here’s my story…

Way back in 2007, I asked for an Obama bumper sticker for my birthday.  I was excited to put it on my car.  I like to think it was the first one in our county!!

The Democratic primary was hot.  I loved Obama and I didn’t like Hillary Clinton one bit. I found her cool and off-putting.  There were some real issues where I disagreed with her, but for the most part, I couldn’t really explain it.  I just didn’t like her.

Slowly and surely, though, I have changed my mind. The first step came when Clinton conceded the primary to Obama with class.  And then she went on to work with her former adversary as a team player.  Finally, I’ve watched how she has conducted herself during this nightmare election.  I’ve witnessed people viciously and unfairly attack her and her family day after day.  Sometimes the attacks are for things that are based in reality–like the infamous email carelessness–but usually they are for things that are obviously untrue–like committing treason, murdering multiple people or performing Satanic rites.


Troll Messengers by John Bauer

The attacks have been seething and writhing with blind hatred.  When one dies down, another equally ridiculous one will emerge, from the right AND left, whack-a-mole style.

I would have dissolved in a puddle, but Clinton has risen above it.  She has acted in a way that is only possible if a person has a deep well of resilience and integrity.

Maxfield Parrish's Ecstasy

Maxfield Parrish’s Ecstasy

Today I respect Clinton a great deal.  More surprisingly, I like her. I don’t love her the way I love Obama, but I like her. I think she is qualified, fit and wise. There are no sureties in today’s world, but Clinton is unequivocally our best bet to navigate safely through the next eight years.

I want to say–publicly–that I am happy and excited to vote for Hillary Clinton. I will do so enthusiastically.  I am not settling. Just because I’m not shouting vitriol about Donald Trump doesn’t mean I have an enthusiasm gap.  I don’t.  If anything, I’m more eager to vote today than I have ever been in my life.  My kids’ future is at stake like it has never been before.

Please read these guys, who say it a lot better than I can!

One silver lining in this election is that while a huge pile of garbage has been published and broadcast, the drama can yield gold in the hands of the right craftsman.  For example, if anyone hasn’t seen Jimmy Kimmel mansplain things for Clinton, go open another window and get your google on.

Meanwhile, these are seriously good!  Funny.  Succinct.  Insightful.  Clever. They say what I want to say much better than I ever could.  Check them out.  Please!!!

Garrison Keillor writes how the first woman to run for president has done it all while wearing concrete shoes.  Can anyone translate American better than Keillor?  Nope.  Didn’t think so.

If, like me, you can’t keep up with all the accusations being thrown at Clinton, let Brett Arends, a writer for the financial publication Market Watch, give you a summary of all the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done in one big (and convenient) list.  NOTE:  He is a bit behind, however, since there isn’t much about the Parkinson’s, brain injury, seizures and various other health-related problems that have Clinton at death’s door.

Isaac Saul, a self-described BernieBro, examines the more left-leaning perspective and makes an interesting observation about himself in I wrote that I despised Clinton. I take it back.


So that’s how I made the journey from “I’ll vote for Clinton but I don’t love her and I’m not happy about it” to “Hill, yes!  Bring it on!!” Stay tuned for thoughts about why I would walk over hot coals to vote for Clinton even if I still disliked her.


About Elizabeth Jennings

I am an author living in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My first book, The Button Collector, was released May 6, 2013, by PageSpring Publishing.
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3 Responses to And Now…The Big Things

  1. Barbara Bennett says:

    Yes, yes, and more yes!

  2. Melissa Sousley Flaherty says:

    Absolutely, yes! Thank you for sharing!

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