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I am an author living in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My first book, The Button Collector, was released May 6, 2013, by PageSpring Publishing.

Give It Up for Community Colleges

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. At least, I think it was last week.  I’m a little fuzzy on the details, which is why we may or may not have sent in our tokens a week early.  But at least … Continue reading

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Another Surprise

After writing a novel based on the stories from discarded buttons, I’ve kind of developed a super power about finding buttons in surprising places.  Right now we’re in the midst of a house remodel and I’ve been looking at benches … Continue reading

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Music Claims its Role in Manchester by the Sea

Most Critics Are Right about the Movie, but Wrong about the Music I rarely watch a movie more than once, but Manchester by the Sea was an exception. I saw it the Monday after Christmas with my husband and then went … Continue reading

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Honestly, I want to see ME be brave

Every once in a while, I have a nightmare about this picture. My nightmare is not that I’m Elizabeth Eckford, the young Black woman walking into the Lion’s Den. My nightmare is that I’m one of the angry White people … Continue reading

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Step into my Time Machine

  I don’t have a picture of a time machine, but I do have this really cool picture of a real live magic lantern.  We can pretend it’s a time machine. So, let’s do it.  Imagine the magic lantern is … Continue reading

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And Now…The Big Things

When I sign a book, my usual inscription is this:  “Always notice the little things in life.” But sometimes big things need attention, too.  So I’m just going to throw my ZEN out the window for a few weeks.  I’m  going … Continue reading

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Travelogue, Book Nerd Style 2

Thoughts on a Nordic Land …. Over the summer I added a stamp to my passport when I went to Iceland for the first time. Traveling with a 12-year-old meant staying active and busy.  But never fear dear reader, I did … Continue reading

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Button Love

Love is in the air and button valentines are floating around all over!  Since Valentine’s Day is on Sunday this year, you can spend Saturday getting all creative with your button collections.  Here is a small sampling of ideas to get you … Continue reading

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The Incredible Art of Jane Perkins

A few days ago someone shared an incredibly rich portrait of Father Christmas on Facebook.  It is made of buttons but looks like jewels!  The person who shared it didn’t name the artist, but it reminded me of other things I’ve … Continue reading

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My Second Book

Originally posted on Tales from Suburbia:
As a famous author, I am recognized by literally tens of people who already knew me. The fame is so relentless I can’t even walk through my own house without hearing the chants of…

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