Button People Profiles: Meet the Button Floozies

To me, buttons are primarily a literary device, but to others they are much more.  I’ve been fascinated to learn the history behind these little artifacts and see the incredible things people have made with them.  That’s why, from time to time, I like to use this space to shine the spotlight on some of the colorful personalities I’ve found in my journeys through Buttonlandia.




About a year ago I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Button Floozies, a group of women hosting a blog about all things button related. What’s interesting about the Button Floozies is the scope of their interests.  They share finds from flea markets as well as exquisite pieces in museums.   Their blog was where I first became aware of the wonderful artwork of sculptor Lisa Kokin and the mesmerizing mosaics of R. L. Lewis.

Button Floozies was also where I recently learned an awesome new word–hussif.  Hussif, it turns out, refers to a sewing kit that rolls up and was carried by British soldiers, among other people, as late as the 1950s.    It comes from the word housewife, which was not only used to describe a person but also a handy dandy sewing kit.  At one time, housewife was pronounced hussif, and it became the source of that juicy insult, hussy.

Somehow it seems truly fitting that I learned the etymology of hussy on a website named after floozies.

And now you know it, too.

(You’re welcome!)

So, if you have an interest in history, ephemera, crafty ideas, wonderfully quirky people, memorials, fine art, museums, flea markets, antiques or about a gazillion other things, be sure to check out Button Floozies.  And, if you need convincing, here’s one more reason:  One of the newest contributors for Button Floozies is none other than yours truly….

My niche as a Button Floozy is to share some of my profiles of button personalities and to share the flash fiction pieces I’ve written based on reader’s buttons.  Because to me, the most intriguing aspect of buttons remains the stories they might tell.

Deep down, I truly believe that story is at the core of most people’s fascination with buttons.

With that segue . . . don’t forget to check out The Button Collector, my novel in stories based on a family’s collection of discarded buttons.  It’s a great summer Mother’s Day gift.  And if you have a mysterious button whose story you’d like to learn, send me an image of it and I’ll write a flash fiction piece about it as part of my Flash Fiction, Button Style series.

And have a Happy Mother’s Day!


About Elizabeth Jennings

I am an author living in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My first book, The Button Collector, was released May 6, 2013, by PageSpring Publishing.
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